HasbunAllah wa Ni’mal Wakil

HasbunAllah wa Ni’mal Wakil


7 Responses to “HasbunAllah wa Ni’mal Wakil”

  1. ummmujahid Says:

    Asalaamul Alaiakum!

  2. affaan Says:

    oh wow this thing actually works, wa Alaykumussalaam my sister. 🙂 I just signed up for this site and out of curosity i clicked publish this on your web page and that link poped up here. hope you didnt mind, i can unpublish it if you like, but dont think anyone would ever click on my blog.

    But I love you so much for the sake of Allah.. seriously.. i see the videos you have posted on youtube, i listen to the lectures here on wordpress, and I mean its just fills my heart with happiness that such people still exist on this earth. May Allah reward you for everything you do in great abundance. Assalamualaykum wr

  3. ummmujahid Says:

    SubhanAllah, yes it did work. :p

    I don’t know what to say, that’s really nice of you to say. I love you for the sake of Allah too.
    Ameen to the dua, and May Allah reward you greatly.

    Insha’ALlah i look forward to your blog, insha’Allah. 😀


  4. ummmujahid Says:

    Oh and i don’t mind. :p

    I will add you to my blogroll insha’Allah

  5. affaan Says:

    by the way your screen name on youtube is shaykha right? I am mansour786, and neah its aurite, i dont think i would be putting anything here pretty soon, bit busy with work, just got my first job a few months ago so have to work a bit harder to prove myself. but seeing good muslims just gives me so much happiness, like a boost up you know. May Allah preserve you for the betterment of this ummah 🙂 Ma’salaama

  6. ummmujahid Says:

    Mansour? Oh yes, I know you from youtube.

    Insha’Allah studies/work first! Thanks for all the support, and for the kind words,


    Your Sister

  7. affaan Says:


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